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    Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads - 60

    1-Package contains 100 disposable pads Super-absorbent, stay-dry lining wicks away leaked milk Individually wrapped for cleanliness and convenience Designed for 1 time use Ideal for avoiding milk leakage

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  • Organic Sunflower Lecithin-200ct

    Organic Sunflower Lecithin-200ct

    "A pain in the boob!" If you've ever had a plugged duct before, you know it hurts like heck. Once milk gets backed up in the breast, it can quickly become engorged, and if left untreated, develop into the dreaded mastitis.  Organic Sunflower...

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  • Cash Cow-60ct

    Cash Cow-60ct

    Cash Cow® contains a blend of organic ingredients designed to optimize healthy lactation and enhance nutrition in breast milk. Alfalfa and moringa are a rich source of essential vitamins and nutrients to help nourish both mom and baby. Cash...

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  • Lechita - 60ct

    Lechita - 60ct

    Lechita® contains a blend of organic ingredients designed to encourage the flow of breast milk. Fennel seed can optimize the quantity and quality of breast milk while other supporting herbs provide calming effects that may reduce stress and...

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  • Motherlove Birth & Baby Oil

    An all natural mild scented oil ideal for perineal massage during child birth and labor. With certified organic lavender flowers and no essential oils, it is gentle enough for baby's newborn skin. This oil is excellent for dry skin and cradle cap...

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  • Medela - Freestyle Replacement Tubing

    The Freestyle Replacement Tubing from Medela is ideal as a spare or replacement to worn out or damaged tubing. Designed specifically for Freestyle breast pumps, this easy and convenient tubing is perfect for nursing mothers on-the-go.

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